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Terms and conditions

Using the InterNetCons web site

The www.internetcon.ro site is a informing and online communication material offered by InterNetCon and is brought to your attention in order to inform you upon the InterNetCon Services Offer, as well as upon any other informations useful for our to our customers, partners and co-workers.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing or using our website. By using this website you indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions and the responsability to follow them. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, then do not use this website. Any changes made by InterNetCon to the terms and conditions of this Agreement will be effective immediately upon notice to you, whether provided by a posting on the Site, by electronic mail, or other means. Your continued use of the Site after such notice will be deemed acceptance of such changes. Any changes to the Site shall be effective upon implementation of such changes.

1. Copyright
The materials contained on this website (such materials, include, but are not limited to, the design, layout, artwork and other elements of the website and any text, logo, information, data, software, documentation, services or any other materials contained on the website) are owned or licensed by InterNetCon and are protected by copyright and trademark law, Romanian and international treaties, and other intellectual property rights.

You may view, download, print, and copy materials on this website for your own personal, non-commercial use, provided that (a) you do not modify the materials, (b) any copies that you may make must be marked and (c) you retain all copyright and proprietary notices originally contained in the materials on any copies.

2. Web Site Use Policy
By accessing and using this website you take the whole responsibility for using it and for using the Internet. InterNetCon does not guarantee the site will function continuously or error free or that the site's defects will be revised.

Under no circumstances InterNetCon will be made responsible for any accidental prejudices, from using or not being able to use the site, or any information or transaction offered by this, downloaded or related to the site, even though InterNetCon or its legal representatives were worn about the possibility of this kind of prejudices to occur.

Your participation in the online communication sessions are real-time and is not edited, censured or controlled in any way by InterNetCon. InterNetCon cannot and will not verify the content supplied by the site's users. Still, InterNetCon is entitled to survey the site's content and to dispose of those articles which are considered harmfull or dangerous. In order to maintain a valuable service which helps the users and to avoid the damage which can result from false, mischievous statements, that can violate other persons rights, it is necessary to set the following protective rules:

2.1 If you are not involved in an area of the service which requires or encourages anonymity, please use your real name in online sessions.

2.2 You do not have the permission to post or send any defamatory or libelous message that might disclose private or personal information of any person. You do not have the permission to post or send any indecent, obscene or porn messages.

2.3 You do not have the permission to post or send any message, data, image or software that might injure other people's copyrights, or pirated texts, images or software, commercial secrets or confidential information, and brands or services used in injuring these copyrights.

2.4 You do not have the permission to post or send any document that contains viruses, worms, trojans or any other contamination or destructive items.

2.5 You do not have the permission to post or send any message which is harmful, abusive or with hate. It is not the service's intent to discourage the assumption of polemic positions or the asertion of your points of view; still, InterNetCon will be entitled to take action in this direction when the site is used to state things that are obvious offensive and/or harmful.

2.6 You do not have the permission to use the site's features to deploy any activity or ask that an illegal activity would be executed, which will injure other's rights.

You agree to protect, ensure and consider InterNetCon not guilty against all the loses, expenses, harms and costs resulted by you injuring these terms and conditions.

3. Confidentiality
InterNetCon will emphasize the confidentiality of your personal information. You can browse the www.internetcon.ro site without supplying any information regarding yourself. But to be able to use our services, you will have to supply us some information regarding you. Therefor:

1. In what way will InterNetCon be allowed to use this information?
The information you have supplied us will be used only to notice you about our products update, special offers, new services and information released by InterNetCon, and to fulfill purposes additional to these services and products, like:

- processing your orders or requests;
- checking the Satellite Internet Accounts offered by InterNetCon;
- offering you new products and/or services;
- billing (in case you do not have a prepaid service);
- solving your complaints, answering your questions and requests;
- carrying out marketing and product case studies and the marketing of the products and services of InterNetCon and its resellers;
- contacting you (including through mail, email, fax, text messages, pager or telephone) regarding the InterNetCon's products and services offer or regarding some other products and services offers supplied by InterNetCon's partners, which we believe that may be interesting for you (except for the case that you have chosen not to be contacted during your registration process);
- recording the information about you for granting you the price cuttings, rewards and other benefits and to solve all your requests and answer your questions related to our rewards programs or any other similar programs.

4. Sharing your information

InterNetCon has the right to share this information about you with all its resellers, which are allowed to use it for the same purposes as InterNetCon. InterNetCon will reveal your personal information only when the law or the common sense will impose it: (a) according to the in-state laws or the trials related to InterNetCon or our website; (b) in order to protect InterNetCon's rights and, (c) to act in emergency situations to ensure and protect the InterNetCon's website and customers and the public's personal safety.

5. Information transfer outside Romania

If you plan to use our products and services abroad, the information you have supplied us regarding yourself may be transferred to that specific country. Our sites may also be hosted on foreign servers. We will tell you that those countries laws regarding copyrights may be less comprehending that the Romanian laws.

6. Changing the terms and conditions regarding the use policy of InterNetCon's website

Information on this website may be changed or updated without notice. InterNetCon may also make improvements and/or changes in the products and/or the programs described in this website at any time and we will notify you about these changes by posting an announcement on our website or through email.

Copyright ® InterNetCon 2007
Terms and conditions

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