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Satellite internet - free test accounts

It is a PS account containing 40 Mb of traffic.
The performance you will get is the same as in commercial accounts.
We offer a maximum of 2 test accounts per month for the same user and a maximum of 6 accounts of free test per six months.

Free test accounts are offered free of charge with the purpose to allow you to test our service before you buy it.
We recommand you to install your first test account on a Windows 98 or Windows 2000 machine because it's easier to install. If you intend to use the service in a networking environment and to install the service on a computer with other OS you have the opportunity to ask for the second test in the same month.

At the end if you are pleased we kindly invite you to switch to a commercial account.

Our accounts can be used on any OS if you have the knowledge to set it up correctly.
We offer official support only for Windows users, but the majority of our customers use Unix and Linux.

Because we don't offer support for Linux based operating systems we advice you to follow these steps:
  1. 1. take a test account and use it on windows 98 or windows 2000 to become familiar with the service's performance and to see for yourself that it's working.
  2. 2. if you need the satellite service to be installed and running on linux based machines we recommand you to ask for a second test account. You will now have the opportunity to test the satellite service on the environment you intend to use. If the precise and final environment you need to have the satellite service is on a proxy server of an email server we recommand you to use this second account.
Please be carefull and do not spend all your traffic in first day. Because you can get 2 test accounts per month.

Because of our network design, you can count on the fact that you receive the same performance on a test account as on a commercial one. We do not want to dissapoint you by offering a superb quality test account and a very poor comercial acount, so you can be sure you will receive the same performance on test accounts as comercial, of course with the quantity limitation of 40 Mb already specified.

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