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About PowerSat

About PowerSat

Powersat.ro is a one way satellite internet provider offering shared band, with services for branch offices or small home networks, internet clubs, home users.

Powersat.ro is a young satellite service provider, oriented to small-medium market, delivering quality services in covered areas.

Satellite internet accounts

We are offering shared bandwidth services, which means that more users are sharing the same bandwidth.

We offer two services:

"PS 20" service
  • Guarantee: 50 kbps
  • Average speed in peek hours: 190 - 230 kbps
  • Price: 239 USD / month

"PS 40" service
  • Guarantee: 25 kbps
  • Average speed in peek hours: 64 kbps
  • Price: 119 USD / month

Coverage maps

Coverage map W6:
Coverage map IS1002:
Coverage map T12:
One way EutelSat W6 coverage map One way EutelSat W6  coverage map One way TelStar12 coverage map
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InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology

InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology it was created to help both End Users and Resellers. End Users will take advantage of x3-x5 faster Browsing while Resellers will take advantage of consolidate their profits on same bandwidth.
More about InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology

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